A New Beginning

Hello All,

This is one of the many firsts I am beginning this month. Rather strange that one wants to begin in December when the rest of the world is winding up for the year, gearing up to celebrate the year gone by and simply holidaying so they can start afresh next year. But no, I am starting new things, kick starting indeed. And this is my way of remembering the bygones and celebrating all that life has brought for me so far.

So firstly, this blog will be anything everything I want it to be. I wish to just pen down everything that nags my mind and urges me to do something about it. All important thoughts, feelings, journeys will be captured here in a capsule to keep evidence with my personal her-story.

Eventually, I hope this will help me observe deeper, open up and share more meaningfully with the people around me and my Therapist. Yes, that was a new first as well this month. I am telling you December is a very New exciting  month  and I shall make sure it stays that way.

For anyone who reads this, I hope you are able to become my trusted listener and stay with me in this journey of learning to express.

Much love,